Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I've got WP Skillet.

Saw this online the other day.  My first thought was "I sooo want one!"  My second thought was "Hmm.  I don't think that hilt is oven-safe."

I love my old cast-iron skillet.  Words cannot describe my love for it.  Except these words. 

Cam and I had a conversation once upon a time that the absolute worst place in our apartment that an intruder could startle me would be the kitchen.  I've got my trusty skillet.  Anyone seen Tangled?  Who knew?  Plus, if I'm actually cooking, the skillet is hot.  Ouch.

Then there's my knives.  I have a set of moderately-priced knives, and I keep them sharpened.  (Oh, the life skills my brother Scott has taught me.)  I once shamed a CutCo salesman when my knives cut better than theirs.

Back to the skillet.  I first got a cast-iron one when my doctor recommended it as a way to help fight my anemia.  If I'm going to have tiny flakes of stuff come off my skillet and into my food, iron at least is good for me.  Non-stick coating, not so much.

I love that a well-seasoned skillet is non-stick all by itself.  I love that I can make grilled cheese without added butter. (When I'm in a healthy mood.  When I'm not... I'm Paula Deen.)  I love that I can take it from stovetop to oven.  (Now I want pineapple upside-down cake.)