Monday, February 22, 2016

Me: After you start the laundry, I need you to take out the trash.
Kate: And then accuse the neighbors of witchcraft.
Me: Um... That wasn't on my chores for you, but if you feel the need...

Friday, March 20, 2015


When I woke up this morning, the thumb and index finger on my right hand were numb.  Three hours later, and they're still numb. I realized that if I were a normal healthy person, I'd shrug and think "must have pinched a nerve somewhere". Since it's me, my immediate thought is "oh, no! My neuropathy is spreading!" The inflammation in my elbow and spine from the RA is pinching nerves that cause numbness in my feet and left hand, so this could be more of the same. I'll have to keep an eye on it and mention it to my Neurologist the next time I see him.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Troll Mom

I love trolling my kid.
I picked her up from school, and I had a fast food drink cup in the cup holder. 
Her: Can I have some?
Me: Sure. It's iced tea.
Her: Ew.
Me: Unsweetened.
Her: Double ew.
Me: Of course, it could be Dr. Pepper and I'm lying to you to keep you from drinking my soda.
She takes a sip.  It actually is unsweetened tea.
Me: and now you'll never be sure.
She gave me this face.  I call it disapproving vulture.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wii U - Should it be "Who" U?

We got Kate a Wii U for Christmas.  I absolutely love it.  
It's easier to navigate through Netflix and YouTube using a touch pad, 
and the Disney Infinity game is just short of addictive.  
I have noticed one thing, though.  The incidental music played in the Miiverse menu.  
It goes something like this:  (The music starts about ten seconds in.)

Sound familiar, anyone?
How about now?

Now every time I hear the menu screen, Whoville flashes through my head.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Stratton Family as Seals

Cam and I started dating when we were in college (me as an undergrad, and Cam as a grad student).  At the time, I worked at the campus library.  One night, while shelving periodicals, I came across a National Geographic whose cover picture was so very perfectly Cam.  

It's a Bearded Seal, and the look on its face... It's like it popped into the camera frame and said, "Hullo!" in a goofy voice.  It's Cam.  (And I did find a copy of the magazine at a used bookstore a few months ago.  I think I'm going to frame it.)


Today, I saw this while cruising around on Pinterest.  And I decided that it was me as a seal.

Doing what I always do around my husband and child.  Laughing.  At what, specifically? 

At this...




Keep going...




What?  What's so funny?  Dad?  Why is Mom laughing?

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Most days, I drop Kate off at the sitter, drop Cam off downtown, and continue on to work.  
I have the earliest start time, so I'm usually the one that is worried about our time.  
I would like Kate to get out quickly, but I don't always get what I want.  

I've taken lately to (humorously!) telling her, "Get out!  Get out!" in my most creepy voice.  Yesterday, Cam added, "The car is possessed by the ghost of your mother.  
And she's not even dead yet."

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Can't Weave it Alone

I Can't Weave it Alone
Take That, Arthritis!

I used to crochet.  And knit.  A lot.  Then RA took away my ability to do fine motions with my fingers for an extended amount of time, so I had to pretty much give them up.  And that was sad.

But then my wonderful husband bought me this!

And I have been very happy since.  It's an Ashford Knitter's Loom.  It's collapsible and portable, and I can make projects up to 20" wide.

Recently, my sister was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer.  (Stage zero meaning that it was caught at the precancerous stage.  Radiation treatments suck, but she's gonna be fine.)  And with it being breast cancer awareness month, I made her a pink scarf.

These are the yarns that I used:

All of them were at Joann's.  (Moonlight Madness sale!  Woot!)
The fuzzies near the bottom are fun fur and sparkly fun fur.  The Pound of love is lighter than the rest, and I used it for my weft.  I liked the contrast in the finished product.

Work in progress:

And the finished scarf:

I'm very happy with this project (my selvedges are actually even!) but there are a few things I learned.  Fun fur looks like it would be a good idea, but the weaving process makes all of the threads lay down and you can barely tell that it's there.  The sparkly yarn, however, is a big yes!  I thought it added greatly to the overall scarf.  It's hard to see in the picture, but it's there.

So what colors should I try next?