Friday, May 2, 2014

Troll Mom

I love trolling my kid.
I picked her up from school, and I had a fast food drink cup in the cup holder. 
Her: Can I have some?
Me: Sure. It's iced tea.
Her: Ew.
Me: Unsweetened.
Her: Double ew.
Me: Of course, it could be Dr. Pepper and I'm lying to you to keep you from drinking my soda.
She takes a sip.  It actually is unsweetened tea.
Me: and now you'll never be sure.
She gave me this face.  I call it disapproving vulture.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wii U - Should it be "Who" U?

We got Kate a Wii U for Christmas.  I absolutely love it.  
It's easier to navigate through Netflix and YouTube using a touch pad, 
and the Disney Infinity game is just short of addictive.  
I have noticed one thing, though.  The incidental music played in the Miiverse menu.  
It goes something like this:  (The music starts about ten seconds in.)

Sound familiar, anyone?
How about now?

Now every time I hear the menu screen, Whoville flashes through my head.