Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cam! Gravity!

Soooo... Cam's doing dishes.  I have an airbake pan that I make my chocolate cake in, and it shouldn't be submerged, since there's air between the layers and any water that seeps in will never dry out.  So I'm showing him how I wash it.  Put pan on counter or stove.  Squirt in a little dish soap and use a cup to carefully pour in hot water until it reaches the top.  Let it soak for a few minutes and scrub.  Easy peasy.  He puts it on the stove top, which isn't quite level.  One cupful of water brought it to the top on one side, but the other side was still dry.  Cam gets another cup of hot water.
Me:  Wait!  (pointing to full end) If you pour that in, it'll spill over.
Cam: (holding cup over the dry end of the pan) Well, if I just pour it on this end...
Me:  Gravity, Cam!  Gravity!  Water flows downhill. (I grab a potholder and shove it under the lower end of the pan, making it level)  Let's just put a shim under here to even it out.
Cam: I don't care which Stooge you use.  Just make it work.
Me:  Shim, Cam.  Not Shemp.

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